not your average undergrad

Student. Mother. Co-worker. Writer. Friend. Cook. Runner. Camper extraordinaire. In no particular order. My undergrad experience began twenty-three years ago in Vocal Music. Singing and writing were the only things I knew with certainty I could do after high school. I spent one year exploring music and one year exploring English, with an additional semester spent overseas in London, England. For a lot of reasons, I have not returned to taking college classes full-time since.

When it became impossible to schedule work and school and life in separate hours of the day, I decided to seek the best possible solution to consolidate as many areas of my life as I could. Working full-time at Michigan State University allows me to attend 14 credits every year during work hours through the educational assistance program.

With renewed spirit, I will be graduating with a degree in Professional Writing from Michigan State University in Spring 2018. My course work to date has involved writing and creating for real-world clients, submitting articles for publication, designing and creating digital spaces, editing, and expanding my own library of knowledge and resources. Some of that is on display here.